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La Crêperie Champêtre


La Crêperie Champêtre offers a full menu of crepes and buckwheat pancakes accompanied by regional products. Meals are served on the patio, weather permitting. In case of rain, the Rivard dit Lavigne Hall becomes a bistro that welcomes guests in a friendly atmosphere.


We suggest you reserve a table, as our crêperie is becoming more and more popular every year. But drop-ins are always welcome!


Business hours: 11 AM to 2 PM, from June 24 to Labour Day, 7 days a week, and on Saturdays and Sundays in September.



Special prices


Group reservations of 15 to 60 people with a set menu.

Available during the week, from the beginning of May to the Friday before Thanksgiving.



Crêperie Champêtre

Crêperie Champêtre



Cream of vegetable soup with kasha (roasted buckwheat grain) 3,25 $


Main course

(Served with couscous with dried cranberries)


La Dégustation 4,75 $

A pancake, a buckwheat crepe and a chocolate buckwheat crepe served with maple syrup, molasses and butter.


La Québécoise 5,25 $

Three buckwheat pancakes served with homemade cretons.


La Gloutonne 8,25 $

Two buckwheat crepes with natural ham cooked in apple juice and served with Dijon sauce.
La Brunch 9,25 $
Two buckwheat pancakes with bacon, mushrooms, onions and organic cheddar cheese with maple syrup.


La Terrasse 9,75 $

Two buckwheat pancakes with Toulouse sausage and organic cheddar cheese with tomato sauce.


La Farcie 10,25 $

Two buckwheat crepes wrapped in asparagus, natural ham cooked in apple juice and organic cheese, all perfectly covered with dill béchamel.


La 50e 10,75 $

Two buckwheat wheat beer pancakes stuffed with hearty pieces of chicken breast, green peppers and organic goat cheese, all covered with a herb sauce.




La Surprenante 5,25 $

A chocolate buckwheat pancake stuffed with strawberries in maple syrup, covered with a creamy maple sauce.


Gaufres de sarrasin au chocolat 4,25 $

Two homemade waffles with strawberries and maple syrup, covered with a maple creamy sauce.


La Beurrée d’Alfred 4,25 $

Fresh cream and country sugar (maple) served on a slice of country bread.


Tarte aux bleuets 4,25 $

Slice of blueberry pie with marzipan from Bleuets & Cie.




Toulouse sausages (2) 3,25 $
Natural ham cooked in apple juice 2,75 $
Grated organic cheese 2,00 $
Homemade creton 1,50 $

2 Regular buckwheat crepes or pancakes 2,00 $
2 Beer or chocolate buckwheat pancakes 3,25 $


* Prices are subject to change without notice

*Plus taxes